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30 Day Video Game Challenge → Most Epic Scene Ever: Journey’s Finale

The finale of Journey. Now there was a sequence that I never wanted to see end. You spend all your time traveling across an otherwise barren territory until you encounter stone-esque machines that will eat you alive if they so much as catch you, and then to suffer the harsh environment of a frozen tundra that literally kills you little by little, you figure that’s the end of road for you and your companion(s). Death appears to be the final reward, but then you’re whisked upward into what most probably assume a tunnel to the afterlife (that how I saw it). 

Maybe that’s it, but, instead you’re rewarded with a sunlit world, full of more dancing scarves, whales and surfaces to float on than a little bit. Everything you’ve gone through, evading every danger, losing pieces of yourself (aka your scarf), it has all lead to this one seminal moment. And when you get there, you never want it to end. The music just continues to build and build, you’re holding your breath, watching the road as the world around won’t let you fall, keeps you up and encourages you onward. If you’re fortunate enough to reunite with your partner(s) at the very end of the tunnel of light, then it really wasn’t in vain to stick with them. You’ll even get to know their names by the end. 

It is one of the few endings to a game that leaves me literal tears. It’s an experience every time.